Grand Opening of Gopuram and Kalash Pratisthapana at Yanagundi on 29th and 30th January 2020

Sri Sri Sri Mahayogini Rupa Rahitha Ahimsa Yogishwari Veera Dharmaja Matha (Sri Sri Sri Mahayogini Manikeshwari Matha) also known as "Amma" is a woman saint whose diet is thin Air.

She resides on a hillock named Yanagundi, India which is 150 kms from Hyderabad.

She is a person of extraordinary purity of body and mind. She knows that the body is temple of the soul and therefore endeavors to keep it pure and holy. Her body is a materialized soul and has all the sensitiveness, purity and holiness of divine spirit.

She is a mystic Yogi who is the Omnipotent, Omniscient Omnipresent and Infinitive Creative Spirit acquiring what in Yoga Parlance are called Ashta-sidhis, that is, the powers of anima, mahima, garima, Laghima, Prapti, Prakamya, isatva and vasitva. Amma seems to possess all these powers, but she is reluctant to show them.

Amma's teaching, basically lays stress on the path of Ahimsa.

Ahimsa or non-injury means refraining from causing any pain or harm whatsoever to any living creature, either by thought, word, or deed. Non-injury requires a harmless mind, mouth, and hand.

The purpose of this website is to let people know about the history of Pujya Amma and her teachings, to help people seek inner peace and happiness.

The contents have been referred from Pujya Amma's book and our own personal experiences within family and friends.

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